7 Questions (and answers) about: the Guardians of the Galaxy ride

What’s the new thing?

A Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction. (No details yet on what kind of attraction, but they seem to be avoiding saying the word ‘coaster’, for now.

Where is it going to be?

It’s going to be in Future World at Epcot.

When is it coming?

It is slated to be open by the 50th anniversary of Disney World, sometime in 2021.

What will it look like? Is there anything like it anywhere else?

The short answer is that right now, we have no idea.  The only other Guardians-themed attraction on Disney property was a revamp of California Adventure’s Tower of Terror, Mission:Breakout (pic of this below)

Am I losing my favorite ride so this new thing can exist?

Kinda – the Universe of Energy building and Ellen’s Energy Adventure is closing down to make room for the new ride.  But it wasn’t most people’s favorite ride.  It was a good place to hide out when the heat or rain got to you – but perhaps it still will be. Time will tell.

Does it cost any extra money?

Nope – it will be included in park admission.

Do I have to plan or do, like, extra work to see it?

I’m guessing it will be yet another Tier 1 attraction – which at least might make Frozen FPs easier to get. You know. Five years from now.

Anything else I need to know?

There’s just not a lot out about this attraction yet.  I’m taking a semi-educated guess that it will not be a coaster, and the fact that they plan to fill in the canal behind the ride suggests that it won’t be a boat ride, but that leaves a lot of room open for what it WILL be.

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