7 Questions (and answers) about: Main Street Theatre

What’s the new thing?

A new theater for live performance shows.

Where is it going to be?

Just *off* of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Importantly, it won’t be directly on Main Street.  A map below shows the tentatively understood location.

When is it coming?

No one has a concrete answer – Disney hasn’t released a timeline for the opening.

What will it look like? Is there anything like it anywhere else?

It’s a replica of the Willis Wood Theatre in Kansas City from the 1920’s.  Here are photos of the original building and the concept art for the park.


Am I losing anything so this new thing can exist?

It doesn’t appear to be the case.  Because the theatre won’t be on Main Street but actually taking over what was a party overflow area, there should be little impact on the park during the construction phase, too. (Sorry, those of you who were hoping Tony’s Town Square was being replaced!)

Does it cost any extra money?

It’s not clear, but I doubt it.  Traditionally shows are included in the park tickets.

Do I have to plan or do, like, extra work to see it?

Just typical park planning.  Disney hasn’t announced what show will be there, but it may be a revolving set of live shows, similar to (and possibly including) broadway style shows like Aladdin or Frozen Live, both of which previously ran at the Hyperion in Disneyland.

Anything else I need to know?

Not yet.  When we know more about the dates and/or shows, we will update the page.

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