7 Questions (and answers) about: The new TRON ride

What’s the new thing?

The official title is the TRON Lightcycle Power Run. It is a coaster style attraction where you will board a train of two-wheeled lightcycles.

Where is it going to be?

In the Tomorrowland area at the Magic Kingdom, next to Space Mountain.

When is it coming?

It is supposed to be open by the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World – so, 2021.

What will it look like? Is there anything like it anywhere else?

The ride makes use of extensive visual effects, sudden speed boosts, indoor and outdoor components and immersive lighting to create an experience that is unlike any other roller coaster on the planet. Well, except in Shanghai.

The ride will be a replica of a fan favorite at Disney’s Shanghai resort.  Below is a video with a ridethrough of the Shanghai version.


Am I losing my favorite ride so this new ride can exist?

Nope.  Although it was rumored that the Tomorrowland Speedway would close to make room for this attraction, they are instead building a new house for the ride

Does it cost any extra money?

Nope – it will be part of park admission.

Do I have to plan or do, like, extra work to see it?

They haven’t officially announced, but I’m sure this will be a fast pass attraction (in a park already filled with them – Magic Kingdom has more FP rides than any other park).  So you’ll want to come early for rope drop, or get those passes sixty days in advance for a low stress experience!

Anything else I need to know?

Between this ride and the new theatre on Main Street, there’s going to be a decent amount of construction going on at Magic Kingdom starting in 2018.

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