7 Questions (and answers) about: Ratatouille

What’s the new thing?

It’s a ride based on the movie of the same name.

Where is it going to be?

It will be in Disney World’s Epcot, in the France pavilion.  The area will be undergoing an expansion for the project.

When is it coming?

2021 sometime.

What will it look like? Is there anything like it anywhere else?

My understanding is that the ride is similar to the Spiderman ride at Universal Studios – a combination of 3D and physical effects.  The attraction is a replica of the one in Disneyland Paris, which is the most popular attraction at that park. Below is a video ridethrough of the Paris version.

Am I losing anything so this new thing can exist?

No.  France will be under some construction, but nothing is getting torn down (so far as we know).

Does it cost any extra money?

It’s included as a park ticket.

Do I have to plan or do, like, extra work to see it?

It will almost certainly be a tier one fastpass attraction, so you will need to book it 60 days in advance and make decisions about what other ride you won’t fastpass to see it, or go during rope drop or special events.

Anything else I need to know?

Just this: If Disney is planning to keep the current fastpass system in place, allowing only one Tier 1 ride per guest per day, Epcot is going to be at minimum a 2 day park in 2021.

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