What is Fairy Godmail?

Fairy Godmail is simply a postcard that is sent from a character at Disney World to an individual.  It can be sent anytime, but usually is sent about a month before the individual’s trip to Disney World.  The cost of magic? Only five dollars.

So a Fairy Godmailer would be…

A Fairy Godmailer is the volunteer who agrees to take the postcard to Disney World during THEIR trip and send it to you from Disney World, so that it arrives postmarked “from Disney World”.

Why would I want to send someone Fairy Godmail?

You can put a smile on your child’s face for only five dollars.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

This is one way that parents can ‘reveal’ a surprise trip.  (I love those postcards!)

Often, it is a means of getting the child excited and adding some ‘extra magic’ to their trip.

Kids who are in need of cheering up (for example, those stuck in a hospital or at home for prolonged periods) could be cheered on by their favorite character.  Remember, you can fully customize your message!

You can have your favorite character wish a special someone happy birthday or congratulations.

You can also send Fairy Godmail AFTER a trip, to keep the fun going.

How does Fairy Godmail get sent from Disney World?

A volunteer Fairy Godmailer who will be in Disney World during the month of your request is matched to you.  I send the postcard to them, and they see that it gets to you.  Simple.

How will I know when my Fairy Godmail arrives?

Not everyone is interested in tracking their Fairy Godmail, since I guarantee delivery during the month you request. But if you would like, you can sign up after purchase to receive notifications when your mailer has been matched to a volunteer, and when it has been shipped from the World.

Are you affiliated with Disney?

Nope.  They make enough money already. 🙂 I’m just here to add a little extra magic to your trip.

FairyGodmailer.com is not in any way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. Comments or questions for the Walt Disney Company need to be addressed to them directly. Please visit their official website to send your comments and/or questions directly to them or email Walt Disney World.

Can’t I do this for free?

Fairy Godmailers is the easiest and most practical way to send your message from Disney World, but of course it is not the only way.  There are two ‘free’ options that I am aware of:

1. This website started because I saw message boards with “godmailer” or “mickeymail” posts everywhere – even on sites not related to Disney World.  They usually went something like this:

  • “Let’s start a Fairy Godmailer thread! I’m going to Disney on this date.”
  • “Whats a Fairy Godmailer?”
  • “I totally did that last year and it was so cool!”
  • “Hey I’ll jump in too… I’m going on such and such days…”

About 6-7 posts down, there would be a barrage of dates listed, and I could never follow who was going when, and who needed what.  Postcards are harder and harder to find at the parks, and volunteers bore the brunt of the work (and all of the costs). If you want, you can easily find these threads and try your luck there.  But keep in mind that it isn’t free – you are just pushing the cost off on a willing volunteer.

At Fairy Godmailers, I guarantee that your message and your character will be delivered to your recipient within 15 days of the date you request.

2. You can also have an autographed postcard sent to you directly from the good folks at Disney World.  If you write a letter to the address below, you will get an autographed postcard sized photo back.  You have very little control over this process, however.  You cannot customize the message, or which character replies to you, or when you will receive the message. If you write to Rapunzel, for example, you receive a photo from Cinderella and friends. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cost anything besides postage, so if that’s the road you want to take, here’s the address:

Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040
What makes this so special?

Many children (and some adults) believe that Disney World is where their favorite characters come to life.  Getting a postcard from them is the same as getting proof that they are really, really REAL.

Your postcard can be as unique a souvenir as you can get from Disney World.  They are genuine Disney postcards, with handwritten signatures and messages customized just for you.

Also, Fairy Godmailers are volunteers who love their work.  They will sometimes go above and beyond, getting additional character signatures or other special touches added to your card.

Can I customize the mail I send?

You can FULLY customize your message and character.  Although I offer some suggestions on the site about who and what to write, the sky is the limit.

Who are you? And why are you doing this?

I’m a mom who does all the organizing in our family.  I was researching a trip to Disney World and loved the idea of Fairy Godmailers, but thought the means of getting one seemed outdated and really clunky.  It seemed like such a sweet idea to volunteer too, but such a pain! I figured there had to be a better way, so I decided to create this site.

What is the Fairy Godmail Guarantee?

Fairy Godmailers guarantees that your mail will arrive, as specified, within 30 days of your request – 15 days before or after the date you specify. (I will do my best to make sure your card arrives as close to your requested date as possible, but because I rely on the post office, I cannot make an exact day guarantee)

So, if you are sending this mailer for a trip planned in early June, I would request that it come at least by May 15.

What if I waited until the last minute, and need a rush job?

Rush jobs can usually be completed with an extra charge. Please contact me directly with your request.

What if my postcard doesn’t come when I specify?

Fairy Godmailers guarantees that your mail will arrive, as specified, during the month you request.  If your postcard has not arrived during the month you request, or more than 14 days before your departure, please contact me immediately so that I can resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

What happens if I change my trip?

Things happen.  Sometimes people have to change their trip dates.  If you need to adjust your trip date or mailer month, contact me here.

Why would I want to volunteer for this?
  • It is easy.  All you have to do is fill out a form, and then mail a postcard sometime during your trip to one of the places you are already going.  No searching stores for overpriced postcards, figuring out postage, tedious writing. It’s all done for you.
  • You make a difference.  Being a volunteer for the Fairy Godmailer is being an ambassador for joy.  The small actions you take today will mean the world to someone.  And there is no greater gift that we can impart (and no greater feeling we can embrace) than the gift of happiness.
  • It is fun.  You have the option, of course, of adding your own special touches to your Fairy Godmail.  You can have the card autographed by characters in the park.  You can sprinkle it with pixie dust from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or the Harmony Barber shop.  Even if all you do is mail the card, you’ll smile just knowing how excited the person on the other end will be!
I signed up to be a volunteer. Now what?

That’s awesome – thank you! One of the things that makes me most excited about Fairy Godmailer is how much fun the experience is for volunteers! Back when the process involved message boards, the brunt of the work was on the volunteers.  They had to spend a significant amount of time finding and writing the postcards, and then running around getting them signed and trying to find postage and mailboxes.  It seemed like such a hassle.

Once you sign up as a Fairy Godmailer volunteer, your job is already almost done.  A few weeks before your trip date, you will receive your mailer.  Pack it with you, and on a day you are in the park, drop it off at one of these locations.  That’s it!

If you want to add your own pixie dust on top of what is sent, it is up to you.  As long as you slide that card in the mail slot, you’ll know you are doing something special for an excited visitor.  Thanks for helping to spread the magic!

I’m going to Disneyworld Paris / Toyko Disney / Disneyland etc.  Can I send mail or volunteer from there?

Not yet, no.  If this site sees a lot of success, I will absolutely expand to other Disney properties, and may also expand where I am able to ship to. Currently I only send postcards from Walt Disney World to destinations in the USA.