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Your genuine Disney postcard will be mailed from Disney World by a volunteer and sent to your child (or adult child!) during the timeframe requested.

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Put a smile on someone’s face for only five dollars.

Your postcard is fully customized – choose any character or message that you would like.

Not sure what to say?

Here are some message ideas to help you get started, and

Here is a list of characters that can send a message for you.

Some Paypal Notes:

1. Please make sure that the SHIPPING address in Paypal lists the name and address of the person you want your Fairy Godmail sent to. DO NOT SEND THIS TO YOUR OWN NAME AND ADDRESS. Unless you are sending mail to yourself, I guess.  Hey, it’s your money.

If your address automatically appears, you can click on “change” and then “Add a new address” to put the shipping info in.

2. Exact dates are not guaranteed (I guarantee shipment within two weeks of your date), but I do my best to time your postcard to your request. Based on feedback from my customers, I have added an option to track your card’s status. If you are concerned about your card arriving ‘on time’, I strongly suggest you use this option for peace of mind.

If you do need help with a last minute, expedited request, let me know. Please note: if you request an expedited shipment, it may come from another part of the country and not have “Lake Buena Vista” stamped on it.